Website Terms of Use

Purpose of Website

St Andrews School values the contribution that a website can make to the life and role of the school in a modern society. St Andrews’s website has 5 important roles:

  • To promote the school;
  • To provide information to prospective parents and teachers, the wider community and the world;
  • To act as a communication channel between teachers, parents, pupils and school management;
  • To improve pupil learning;
  • To raise standards in teaching and learning.

Website Structure

The school website is The site is hosted on a private server in the UK and has been designed, developed and built specifically for St Andrews School.

There are two main sections to the site: -

  • The front end published site, which is available to anyone in the world with Internet access
  • The private back end site, which is available only to authorised members of the school community

Access to the private back end is controlled by username and password.
Design variation allows the Site Administrator to create an unlimited number of users that can access and add content to the site. Users are teachers, pupils, administration staff and parents. User accounts are only created with the approval of the Principal. An up to date list of current users and their roles is held by the principal.


The safety of children and other users who appear or are referred to on the published site is of paramount importance. The school will ensure that no pupil can be identified or contacted either via or as a result of using, the school website.

Access and Approval

Content on the school website is controlled by role access. There are 3 roles: contributors, editors and administrators. All material submitted to the site is initially given a status of ‘Pending Review’ and will not appear on the live site. Material must be promoted from ‘Pending Review’ to ‘Published’ status by an authorised person with the Editor role before it will appear on the site.

Contributors are allowed to submit new pages and upload photographs via the backend for approval prior to publication. Contributors are also allowed to edit their own content. Contributors are not allowed to promote ‘Pending Review’ content to ‘Published’.

Editors are allowed to submit new pages and upload photographs via the backend for approval prior to publication. Editors are allowed to edit their own content and also contributors’ content. Editors are allowed to promote ‘Pending Review’ content to ‘Published’. Editors may also demote ‘Published’ content to ‘Unpublished’.

Administrators have full access to the environment for the purposes of maintaining the software and the underlying technical environment. This includes tasks such as user administration and software maintenance and upgrade. Administrators will not publish materials to the site unless expressly authorised by the Principal.

Names, pictures and content

Adults’ names will be published as their title and last name e.g. Mr. Smith. Children’s names will be published as their first name only e.g. Jacob, or if required, first name and year group 

Any images of children will not be labelled with their names.

Permission will be obtained from parents or carers before any pupil’s image is used.

Permission will be obtained from parents or carers before publishing the work of any pupil. Only first names and year group will be used to identify the work.

No close up pictures of individual children will be available online – only group photographs with two or more children.

Children will only be shown in photos where they are suitably dressed.

Personal details of children or staff such as home addresses, telephone numbers, personal e-mail addresses, etc, will not be released via the website.

Links to external websites will be checked thoroughly before inclusion on the school website. The sites will be checked for the suitability of their content for their intended audience.

Any text written by pupils will be reviewed before inclusion to ensure that no personal details are accidentally included that could lead to the identification of the pupil e.g. membership of after school clubs.

All written work will be reviewed to ensure that it is in no way defamatory.

Written work will be checked to ensure (as far as possible) that no copyright or intellectual property rights are infringed.

All written material will be checked for its suitability for its intended audience.


Adults have the right to refuse permission to publish their image on the site.

Parents have the right to refuse permission for their child’s work and/or image to be published on the site.

Those wishing to exercise this right should express their wishes in writing to the Principal, clearly stating whether they object to work, images, or both being published, to the site. Parents will be notified of this right by publication of this policy on an annual basis with an acknowledgement receipt attached.


An Administrator will check material before it is uploaded or published to ensure that it is suitable and complies with the record of objections held by the Principal and with copyright laws (as far as is possible). Any persons named on a web page can ask for their details to be removed.

New pages will be tested for errors immediately after installation.

The web pages will be regularly reviewed for accuracy and will be updated as required. This review will occur at least annually. It will be the responsibility of an Administrator, school management, staff or authorised agents to ensure this happens.

Maintenance and Editing

Written instructions and manuals will be available and maintained by the Administrator covering how to update the website.
At least two people should have the knowledge to maintain and edit the site, and they must pass on their knowledge to a successor at the end of a term of office.


The site uses a single email address to notify editors that content is awaiting approval. This address is generic (i.e. not identifiable to a single person) and monitored by those users assigned the role of editor. It used solely for the purpose of communicating to editors that content requires approval and not for any other purpose.

Policy details

This policy has been written in accordance with the guidance provided by Becta ( and Stirling Council (document: Guidelines For Creating and Maintaining a School Website January 2010).

A copy of this policy may be viewed on the website at